Sunday, November 20, 2011

Aloha from San Diego

Here are some of our San Diego pictures. We're actually in Long Beach now and yesterday we were in LA.  I'm happy to be here in California and visit my family. Today has been very rainy and cold so plans has changed and this day has not been so busy as I hoped for. I'm hoping to take RC in Disneyland in a few days. We went to Legoland two days ago which we enjoyed. Budget is really tight but I hope to enjoy the rest of our stay here.

My current giveaway is ending soon. I will draw the winner when we come back.  Thanks for those who keep visiting my blog and for the new comments and follows. I'll catch up soon. Have a great week ahead.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast !

Have fun !

Mom Fashion World said...

Oh, nasa Californian pala kayo!
I've never been to West coast yet, gusto ko rin
pumunta jan.

Natatawa ako kay RC, baliktad ang sunglasses niya. Haha!

Have fun, guys!


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