Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Signs and Plaques

I was at the bank a few weeks ago, and was admiring some new signs they had posted which were metal and very distinctive.  They just spelled out the name of the bank, but they weren’t just the usual plain metal signs that most businesses use.  The letters had a 3D effect, and really popped out from the side of the wall.  I think that office signs don’t have to be boring these days since the use of computers and graphics software make things easier for the sign company to produce. 
Also, more companies are using bronze plaques for things like posting their company goals or corporate mission, or just to recognize outstanding employees when they retire or leave the company.  They are far beyond the plastic or wood plaque normally used, and the employees will probably keep them proudly displayed on their walls.  If you’re looking for the latest trends in business signage or for plaques, glass etching, etc., you should check out impactsigns.com.
This post is brought to you by http://www.impactsigns.com/. They have different high quality signs to choose from which can also be used at home for address signs or other signs that you can think of.  Pictures are from their website.

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