Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Little Pirate with Curious George

Over 20 pictures in one post! I hope it's not too much for you. Here's the last set of pictures I am sharing from Hawaii Children's Discovery Center. I was suppose to be a "disco mom" with this dress. I had a sparkly headband but the trick or treat was done so I decided to just be a plain mom. RC was a pirate but she wants to be called the princess pirate.

Mommies, you probably know Curious George and the thinking chair from Blues Clues.

RC was crazy about these blocks. She spent a lot of time  here.

We were entering another area here, I think this is more of their scientific area.

RC riding the ship by the beach.

I realized that this area is for crawling babies after I took a picture of RC. I should read information from the wall.

This area was the theatre. It was darker and there were lots of costumes but RC did not want to try any of them.

This was another room in the center. It was the "fairy tale" area. Even moms can try costumes too.

RC was having a meltdown when I tried to take this costume away from her. She says she was a butterfly. I'm glad she got over it quickly and immediately played with the construction site which was just outside the room.

This grocery/supermarket was too cute. I got an idea to recycle old containers.

The giant's chair, definitely not for me as short as I am.

Some Hawaiian kind of things with a pineapple plantation, ship and airplane (Aloha airlines). By the way, we used to ride Aloha airlines going interisland. It was sad that they had to shut down.

It was RC's idea to make the crab arms. I like these hats!

More things to see and do.

This is the "Japanese house". The water feature was made from plastic that looks like a glass and plastic flowers.   They also have a Chinese house, a Filipino house and an Indian house. But this post has much pictures already and I shared the Filipino jeepney about a week ago.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


lhenie coronado babao said...

nice pics! i admire you taking pic with your it!

hiromi said...

Adorable!! You are such a cute mom!

MsXpat said...

Awesome! Looks like you all had a fab time.

j said...

I had fun viewing your pics with your toddler. you're so lucky having a little girl like her.

btw, she's so cute.

Nikki @ Blasian BabyNotes said...

Aww very cute!

*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

What a fun time! :-)


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