Monday, November 14, 2011

Is Your Child Modeling Material?

We all think that our own children are the most beautiful and talented children in the world. We think that no other child even remotely competes, andwhen friends, family members, and even strangers say, “what a pretty child you have!” we are quick to gush. In fact, many parents who frequently hear that their child is beautiful often consider giving their child the opportunity to model.

However, modeling isn't for every child – even if they are pretty.  Acting and modeling agencies have stringent requirements that a child must meet in order to be signed. So if you are interested in trying to get your son or daughter in to the world of child modeling, there are a few things you should ask yourself first:

How Outgoing is Your Child?

A successful child model isn't one with just a pretty face; personality is also incredibly important. If your child is attractive, but runs or hides behind you when a stranger approaches,constantly having to be around new people and taking direction from strangersmay be too stressful. However, if your child is very out-going and doesn't mind constant attention, their personality may be more suited to modeling.

What is Your Child's Body Type?

It might be a little difficult to be subjective about this, but you will need to actually assess your child's body type before trying to get them into modeling. Unfortunately, many children are flat out rejected by agencies because of something they can't control – their genetics.

Children that are slightly taller and thinner than their peers are often more successful than those that are of a more average height and weight for their age. So if your child has an average or heavier body type, they may find getting in to modeling isn't as easy as anticipated.

How is Your Business Sense?

While there are several reputable modeling agencies, there are also several agents and agencies that aren't. These are the types of agencies that won't pay your child appropriately or may charge outrageous fees. As a parent, it is your responsibility to protect your child. In order to be able to do so in the modeling industry, you are going to have to test your business skills.

Make sure that you check an agencies reputation before joining and also besure to thoroughly read every contract you are asked to sign. If you find thatyour business sense isn't very good, it might be a wise idea to hire a lawyerto make sure that your child will be protected accordingly.

Parents should also consider the long-term effects that modeling can have ona child. Modeling agencies desire great looking children, and it could greatly hurt your child's self-esteem or self-worth when a contract isn't renewed or when they are asked to lose weight by their agent. Parents need to keep in mind that adolescence is also a formidable time of growth and development, and the strains of modeling may not be appropriate for all kids. However, if you have an out-going, confident, and beautiful child, then modeling may be just the job for them.

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♥mommynthree♥ said...

your daughter is super cute!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

This is crazy that they ask about the child's body type..just crazy and sad really that people would subject their children to this kind of scrutiny!!


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