Thursday, November 10, 2011

Forever Bamboo

This is an old picture of me and RC by the bamboo plants.

Since we live in Hawaii, which is a tropical place, we see lots of bamboo on the roadsides and it is used extensively in hotel decorations, room dividers and even privacy fences for houses. There are many other uses for bamboo, including tiki poles, tiki huts, wood flooring material, and even rope. Since moving to Hawaii, I’ve been to luaus, and bamboo is used for tables, mats, stage decorations and fences. Bamboo fencing is lightweight and very durable. It can last for many years with the proper handling and treatment.
Bamboo poles can be used for everything from fishing rods to poles to hold torches or hanging fruit baskets. Bamboo fences have a natural resistance to water and can be stained different colors, including mahogany and black. Using bamboo is considered environmentally friendly. If you are looking for something beautiful, but a little unusual for a home landscaping project, you should consider bamboo. It will give your project a tropical theme and you'll probably be happy with the outcome.

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Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

I have bamboo growing in the fields of SC. The most I have ever done with it is stake my tomato plants and the kids made a raft one time! I didn't know that bamboo could be stained but it makes perfect sense. I would love to see more photos of how bamboo is used.

imriz said...

bamboo's very versatile. i often watched how they used a lot of bamboo stuff at hgtv designs.


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