Friday, February 17, 2012

Chinese Restaurant

This is the third time I blogged about this restaurant. They should pay me already =). It is where we went on Valentine's day which was a surprise because we usually wait till the weekend or the day after to avoid the crowd. There were other customers but it was not bad, there was no waiting just to get seated even if we did not make an advance reservation. I think people like to go to well-known restaurants on Valentine's day and for special occasions. We were able to sit at our favorite spot which is the corner (so I can take pictures without being conscious).

Shrimp with walnuts

Spring rolls

Fried Beef Rice

Sweet and Sour short ribs

After eating

How was your Valentine's Day? I did not receive flowers or chocolate candies but my husband bought us tickets to San Francisco. We're not flying soon but I'm excited that reservations have been made.


lhenie coronado babao said...

I am enjoy visit your blog especially with your daughter, 'coz we're the same thing in comes of picture...a mother daughter tandem with out a hubby 'coz he's the one who took pic :-)

Mary said...

i'd take a trip to san francisco over flowers and chocolates! so lucky. the food looks really good. i've never been to this restaurant, but i might just have to convince my boyfriend to try it.


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