Monday, February 20, 2012

Proper Floor Care

I hardly vacuum when RC was not yet born. Our apartment that we used to live has a very old carpet that needed to be replaced so aside from not having the enthusiasm working on an old carpet, there was not really much to vacuum except the dust that accumulates. But now whenever we eat, there is rice and food around where RC eats.
Now, I vacuum at least twice a week. Our carpet has some stains because I did not act immediately after RC spilled her drink. I was just researching on floor and carpet cleaning and I found this article. It has some precise information on how to take care of various types of floors like vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, carpet, ceramic tile and other hardwood.
Here are some information that I found useful for our carpet flooring. (I rephrased them.)
For crayons, you can use a detergent solution. I believe that crayons allow kids to boost their creativity in a lot of different ways but they are a pain to clean. RC loves colors and they’re part of our everyday.
For ink, there are various ways to clean it. I’ll try to use this next time. You can use white vinegar, dry cleaning or detergent solution. You can also use a nail polish remover.  I usually scrub the area right away when I see ink. I know it will just be better if I let RC don’t use any pen at all and just use pencils but pens are easier to find and there is no need to sharpen.
Once you see the spill, act immediately! For a complete list of floor care, you can go to and click on the tab product knowledge. Sometimes, we stumble on these commercial websites and see informative resources.

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Denise said...

your RC has gotten sooooo big. she's so cute. am a fan. one day i want a baby girl. someday....


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