Monday, February 27, 2012

Enclosed Bulletin Boards

I have a memo board at the back of my computer to put notes and receipts on it. I also inserted some cords (pictured below without the notes). I’ve seen some bloggers do some cute do-it-yourself boards for themselves or for their kids. I’m thinking of doing a chalk board for RC. I’ve been slacking, this project has been on my mind since months ago.

For schools and institutions, they usually use enclosed bulletin boards to protect what is posted there. They probably use these too to prevent people from just placing their own ads. Here at my apartment building, a tenant will have to get permission from the building manager before they can advertise at the enclosed cork bulletin boards. It’s mostly advertisement about an apartment unit or a parking stall. They seem to be picky with what information they post on the bulletin boards.

If you would like to purchase an enclosed fabric bulletin board or other bulletion boards for outdoor or indoor, or if you are just want to see more ideas about bulletin board, please go to They also have some board accessories including letter sets and magnets.

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