Thursday, February 16, 2012

Latest Gadgets from GeekAlerts

I’m not sure if these are the latest in gadgets or Geek Toys but these are the items I found at How do you want to add this pair of shoes to your shoe collection? Who says that only kids can have those lights in their shoes. These shoes comes in remote control so you can control the shade of color and style of lighting. They’re  not as expensive as most of the shoes at the runway either. You can buy them from etsy at $180.

I’m not sold with this rib cage dress. It’s a little too much for me, I think everybody will look at you when you wear this and I’m not sure if that will be in a good way.

A bra at their website is a great invention for me. Your breast will instantly increase in size without the need for surgery. I personally would not buy it but I would like try. For those who needs a little lift, this wine rack flash-bra can be a good buy.
I think this pig mouse is cute. It will be a good transition from a boring black mouse. The cracker Iphone case is kind of nice too. 

Do you have a gadget site that you always look into? also offers coupons like at this time, they have UPrinting coupon and a code for PrintPlace special offer codes.

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