Saturday, February 18, 2012

PeachSuite Review: Love Your Home!

I love staying in hotels because of the “vacation fee” associated with it. is an online hotel supplier & restaurant supply. When you view their website, you’ll see variety of items that you will probably find in a hotel kitchen, dining area, rooms and lobby. We don’t have a toaster, I was browsing through their selection and they have about thirty five toasters to choose from.

I know most of us don’t have our own hotels but we can buy some gadgets that a hotel uses to make cooking or decorating easier. Sometimes, homeowners get their design inspirations from a hotel they  have been to.

If you have a big home and likes to entertain at your own house, you might find something that you like at this site like banquet tables and bar stools. PeachSuite Hotel Supply & Restaurant Equipment Company  can cater to both residential and hotel needs.

Overall, the site is complete if not almost complete of Resort Linen Supplies & Catering Supplies. If you wanted to save some bucks, you can browse through their clearance items.

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