Friday, February 24, 2012

Portable Bleachers

Many of us have small children who we want to excel in things like piano lessons, dance lessons, or sporting events like soccer and football.  For the outdoor sports like soccer, some moms diligently drive their children to the park or field where their practice is being held.  They lovingly dress them in the latest sportswear for youth soccer players with new shoes and a jersey with a number on it.  RC is still so young but she’s getting used to the field by regular visits to the park.
These days the soccer leagues will make sure all children get to play, no matter their skill, and some leagues even make sure all games end in ties so nobody feels bad about losing.  But, after you drop you precious child off to play a game, where do you go after that?  If you live in an area with a soccer field, there will probably be bleachers for you to sit on, but if you live in a very rural area, or somewhere where soccer is not popular, you may need to enquire about portable bleachers.  Aluminum bleachers can be purchased for a reasonable amount of money and placed on a community field for everyone to enjoy by watching children play sports. 
The links in this post is provided by They also offer Pet Waste Stations for parks.

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