Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bizz Click Website Review

Bringing readers and advertising to your blog can not only advertise your blog more efficiently, but it can bring much-needed revenues so you can keep maintaining and expanding your blog.  This is one of the things why I considered monetizing my blog is because I am spending time updating it anyway. One of the advertising methods associated with the Internet is called Pay Per Click (PPC).  PPC is commonly used to route traffic from one website to another, and when a site is transited, the click through results in some form of compensation. 

You may be a user of sites that pay you a percentage if you start at their site and then go to a retailer’s site and purchase something.  That is the same concept as PPC.  Since the traffic to the retailer’s site was routed from your site, you deserve some compensation.  There are a few really big names in PPC, and one of them is  Their home page has clickable tabs so you'll get more information you need about a particular topic. They not only help advertisers, but publishers as well.  For bloggers, you can check out the publisher page. For those who want to advertise through pay per click, you can check out the advertiser page. will provide you with another stream of traffic different from the ordinary rankings on the major search engines.  So if you’re interested in generating the maximum traffic to your website, and also earning some extra compensation for those who start at your website, but continue on to a retailer, you should check out 
Disclaimer: This is a review of and this post is brought to you by their website.

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sounds like something worth looking into..thanks!


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