Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Uses For Clipix

I’ve been using clipix for awhile now and I’m enjoying it. Signing up is very easy. So far, I made my clips in private because I just clip whatever I see on the internet that I like. I’ve been using it to organize the blog posts that I have to do and even the recipes that I’m willing to try. Later, I will probably use it to engage and connect with other women online. It’s easy to share what you clip in Facebook and Twitter. I know I’ll find more uses for it in the future. My lists or clips will continue to grow.

I’ll use it to clip activities with RC. Lately, our activity is to trace letters. She seems to like using her electronic gadget than a paper and real pen.  I keep looking for toddler crafts that we could do together. With crafting, I mostly have to guide her hands but I know she’s getting good at it. I think clipix will really help me with keeping things up. The notebook I was using is not enough. How about you? Do you make a list of things to do? What items are you going to put in clipix?  I tried without list but I’m not good at it. I need to be reminded of things that need to be done. I know the messy apartment reminds me but I still want to see it posted somewhere and then cross it out when it was done. Clipix with my notebook will be a good combination.
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1 comment:

Reese Milania said...

Clipix is like pinterest noh? I have pinterest account and I love it there.


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