Friday, March 9, 2012

Titanium Rings

I was just introduced to titanium rings, a lot of which are being used for weddings. Most women probably want their wedding to be perfect and sometimes you even hear of crazy expensive weddings with all the details from the wedding gown, jewelry, flowers etc.  But not anyone can afford and to some people, it is impractical to spend or be in debt to have that dream wedding.

A nice wedding can still be achieved at a much cheaper budget. I guess the bride or groom will just have to pick a less expensive reception, outfits etc.  They can also limit the number of guests at their wedding day.

For wedding rings, tungsten rings can replace expensive gold or platinum rings. They are much cheaper.  They are highly polished and they shine.  I honestly cannot tell the difference if it was me. Titanium rings can be thick and cut precisely. If you want to learn more about titanium style rings, please visit I browsed through their collection, I like the stone set titanium rings.

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jyothisethu said...


Debra Pearlstein said...

That's a beautiful ring. Hopping over from Strange Daze Indeed.

MsXpat said...

OMG lovely! Makes me want to marry again for a ring upgrade ;0)

Mom Fashion World said...

Nice ring, Mommy Ces!
How's the weather there, btw.
I watched the news this past week, at matindi
and ulan sa Kauai.


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