Saturday, March 31, 2012

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is growing as an international sport particularly in China, Columbia, Germany and England. I’m not into sports. I was just reading a website about a recent horseback riding in China experience. Some of the professional horseback riders have to wear kerrits breeches as uniforms.

I mentioned my last horseback riding here at my blog. I shared this picture before and I'm posting it again. It was at the Aloun Farm Pumpkin Patch, their horses seemed to be small but I was still a little scared getting up the horse.  I’m sure the little children were more courageous than I am. It’s enjoyable once you are already riding it. Have you ever ride a horse before? I hardly see horses here in Oahu but there are ranches that offer horseback riding. We’re planning a trip to Kualoa ranch and this is something I might try again. I think riding the horse by the beach can be pretty romantic too.
In the Midwest, having horses in people’s barns is common. I think if you have horses as pets, you can easily get attached with them. In the older days, most especially, horses can be companions wherever people go.

Disclaimer: I was asked to provide my opinions/experience about horseback riding and will be compensated.

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Ola said...

I am a bit scared of horses, you look so sure riding a horse!

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