Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kidlandia Game Review

I was asked to review Kidlandia and I was given a code to get more points to "unlock" adventures in the kingdom. It's easy to register. Even if you don't have code/s, I think you can still enjoy playing it because aside from building the kingdom, there are other games that you can play. You can invite friends through email or you can play with someone that is already registered with Kidlandia. If you just want to play it alone just like I do, then you are free to do that too.

You can choose how your "host" would be dressed up and you can have animals in the island. For kids, they can really spruce up their imagination on how they can build the kingdom.

Some of the games are appropriate to RC's age but I think most of them are suited for kids about 5 years and above. I have to admit that I enjoyed playing this. I was challenging myself on how fast I can do the math game without using a calculator. I also liked the matching jewel game and the Tower Tumble. You can visit Kidlandia.Com if you want to try it. It's free to join.

Do you like shopping for personalized items? Kidlandia  has a lot of cute stuff-- mug, placemats, puzzles etc.

Kidlandia is also on Facebook.

I was given a Kreechurs Flapper stuffed toy and a code in exchange for a review.

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