Friday, March 16, 2012

Cell Phone Storage Locker

Have you ever gone to a gym or swimming pool and there was a locker available for you to lock your valuables so they don't get wet or stolen? Or, have you ever stayed in a hotel and there was a lockable place to put your passport or other valuables during your stay?  You probably never think about where the hotel or gym acquired those lockers, but there are companies that supply phone lockers and cell phone storage lockers and also supply a wide variety of other types of lockable storage units. 

When you go to some places with sensitive information they will ask you to leave your cell phone in a cell phone storage locker so you cannot communicate or take pictures of the sensitive area.  The locker will allow you to leave your cell phone and not worry about it being stolen or misplaced.  If you have an interest in these types of secure storage phone lockers, you should go online and check out

The links on this post is brought to you by, a provider of high quality lockers. The picture is also from their website.


jyothisethu said...

the idea is nice and useful...

Mom Fashion World said...

Cellphone storage locker?
Cool! Ngayon ko lang narinig 'to.

Anonymous said...

Good idea for everyone


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