Saturday, March 24, 2012

Laptop Storage Carts

If you were asked to choose the one item that wasn't in very many homes 30 years ago, but now every home has at least one, you might answer correctly the computer.  Today computers are a part of everyday life, and if our computer is down at work, we just sit there and act like we can't do any work at all.  The days that we used typewriters and steno pads are long gone, replaced by the desktop personal computer, the laser printer, and USB memory devices.  But, computers themselves  have seen a major transformation over the years, going from large bulky things that took up an entire desk, to small sleek pieces of art that complement a work area.  The desktop PC's are slowly giving way to laptops and tablets, and laptops are outselling desktops now in the US. 

Along with moving away from large PC's the desks we're working on and the areas for laptop storage have evolved.  Now we have laptop carts that are easily moved from one location to another so we can be more mobile while working.  And a laptop cart can also be used as a desk and for storage of laptops or other items.  You're probably reading this on a laptop or tablet as the world of computers keeps changing and moving toward smaller devices.

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teJan said...

correct! nice observation and that laptop cart looks nice!

How are you sis..godbless!


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