Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trade show

This is another trip down memory lane. The picture was taken years ago. I love going to trade shows but we haven't been going in awhile because I don't think RC will enjoy it as much as I do. She would rather go to parks. We're probably all familiar with trade shows, small and large businesses gather together to promote their products or services. We can learn from trade shows, there are free taste (for food) and free trial for the people .

I also enjoy looking at the logo mats, logo canopy, and some even have trade show flooring. I think if you have a business, it would really help that you put your trademark in a lot of things where people can see it. Since advertisement can already be expensive, businessmen might as well put it to things that we are using to set up the business site. Inlaid logos that are full color digital images can be produced and they can come in variety of style and shapes.

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