Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thermal and scarf

Have you heard of thermal clothes?  I heard about it before but I just did not pay attention that much till after I browsed at website. They offer thermal vests, tops and pants even thermal underwear for women. I wouldn’t need anything thermal now but I wonder how it compares to a regular clothing. Maybe if I visit a place that snows during the winter season I can try one.

Their website is pretty cool, a lot of fashionable items even accessories and most of them are affordable. They have clothes with vibrant colors and pretty patterns. I like this ruffled scarf that comes in two colors. I think I like the fuschia pink more. I have to learn how to accessorize. Scarf is something that I don't wear much but I see lot of people using it. They add up to the style.  

I used to buy at stores but now I just keep on browsing online and then buy every now and then if I see something that I like. It saves time, they usually come a few days after you ordered. You can also easily compare prices just by clicking. I think the problem will be the sizing so if you purchase, it is recommended that you read their policies about returns. So far, I don't have major problems with items I received from buying online.

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