Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I want a bag like this, it looks big in picture but the dimensions are small. It can come in bigger sizes too for more space. It’s cute and handy when I am with RC. Unlike leather purses, I want something light weight, water proof and very casual. So this will be perfect for me. I have to choose a color other than orange. This messenger bag I can cross strap around my body so I would not need a hand to bring it. This will be my “mommy bag”. Santa, is it too late to ask? It’s February maybe I should ask Cupid instead. It’s only $50.

Messenger bags are becoming popular nowadays because they come in different forms. It seems that we need the technology wherever we go so people tend to bring their laptops, cellular phones etc. A lot of them have velcros for easy access.

Photos are from http://www.rickshawbags.com/. This post is brought to you  by their website.

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Dressing Up For Me said...

The bag is great for hiking too and I love the orange color! Is it made of nylon?


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