Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Got acne? I remember when I was a teenager to early 20’s; I would have really bad acne. I still get acne now but it is not as bad as before. Even after you have them, the scars take a long time before it goes away. You have probably heard of Murad before, it is known for its acne fighting product. I first heard it on television.

If you have stubborn acne, you can try Murad. It is formulated by a respected dermatologist and a pharmacist. They currently offer free shipping if you enter a code from their website. Aside from acne products, Murad also offers other skin care products like age spots treatment gel.

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sexyjessie said...

Hey thanks for sharing the info. I still have acnes popping out every now and then.

Working Mom Journal said...

I dont have a bad acne, but I have heard of Murad and thats its a product that lives up to its name.


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