Monday, February 28, 2011

Review: SMC

To those who want to start their own business, SMC might just be the one for you. I honestly did not try joining but I know someone that did it. He did not sell online but he sold SMC products in a flea market and he did pretty well except the problem was that he doesn’t have somebody to help him.   Selling in flea markets is pretty tough and it would take at least two people to run it in case you have more than one customer or if you just have to go to the bathroom. SMC offers a variety of product and for what I understand is that you buy the items in bulk for a very cheap price.
SMC offers business coaching and you can choose to offer your business through the internet and have a website with SMC. However, there are some SMC complaints in which you can read about it in their website. They fully explain on why some complaints happen.  They also have a page about SMC Corp Review.

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