Monday, February 14, 2011

Recycling rainwater

A lot of people take water for granted but in some parts of the globe, there is drought even in the United States. I remember going to a Las Vegas hotel and there are signs inside the room to please conserve water.
The water also goes in a long and tedious process before it comes out of our faucet. Another way of recycling is to collect the rain for future purposes. You can use a rain barrel. The rain can be used to clean the lawn, water the plants or maybe even to clean your car. There are rain barrels for sale that can hold a huge amount of water and it can also be used for decoration outside your house.
Rain harvesting may sound odd  but it honestly saves a lot of water and it can save bucks too by having lesser water bill.
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Ola said...

This is interesting. I would say also-let's not use so many useless and unnecessary chemistry to wash, clean etc


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