Saturday, February 12, 2011

DVD Converter idea & random pics

I see blogs with videos and it's a cool idea. I watched some of them, some are very creative. I haven't started that yet. But I want to start taking more videos of RC. I have some video clips of her that I want to compile into just one disc. The videos are only a few seconds to a maximum of about two minutes and I use the small camera to take them. I will probably need a DVD ripper so I can edit them. A Video Converter Mac can rip a DVD into various video formats. Of course, we have to be careful with what we copy especially those copyrighted movie materials. But if you have videos of your family and you would like to see it whenever you want, a DVD Ripper Mac can transfer these videos to an iPhone or other mobile phones.

For blogging, I think I would stick to pictures at this time, it's easier.

Some random pictures of us mostly RC.

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Ola said...

the second one is so full of life!

Dhemz said...

such a cutie!


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