Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coin collection

My husband collects silver coins and proof sets. They are a good collection because it is easy to sell or trade them. There has been a few times when we were short in paying some bills and his coin collection helped us during those tough times. It would be great if he also has a gold collection of coins but he only has one. It has the highest value of all his coin collection and we plan to keep it since the price of gold is high and it is rare. We hope that the value keeps on going up.

I see a lot of TV commercials, newspaper ads that talk about gold prices. I wonder if this is really driven by supply and demand. I would agree though that gold is a great gift to pass on to generations. Over the years since the gold price is going up, it is proven to be a good investment.

I don't have a coin collection of silver or gold but here is my real treasure, more than gold, more than platinum.

Thanks for the comments from my last post.

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Ladawan said...

Hahahh..well Ces she's more than a gold, she's a treasure, Cutie RC she's getting bigger and bigger na!

Ola said...

You are very right with the point:)
But yes, the prices or gold are too high now everywhere

Mayet said...

she's growing up so fast!!

Jodi Lee said...

Hi there,
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Cascia said...

You can say that again! She is beautiful.

Carolee Sperry said...

I happened to get here from your other blog....

I was peeking around- you really have some great pictures!

I have a number of blogs- these are the one's I post in most:

Blogging Biz Mom- Business site

Working At Home Advice - self explanatory

Come on Home- Mom blog

Dhemz said...

indeed! she's a real treasure....:)

Gessyl Enchanted said...

RC is too cute! :) and yes gold is getting a lot of hype in the market these days..

Alice Law said...

Wow, interesting coin collection! Look at your grumpy little girl, still cute and lovely!

Mitchteryosa said...

Wow! Great collection! I collect coins too but not that the ones on set, usually yun lang mga lugar na napuntahan ko and bigay bigay ng friends who travel frequently. =)


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