Thursday, March 3, 2011


For Filipinos like me, you probably have three languages that you speak. One is Tagalog (which I would consider the national language), English and a provincial dialect. I think it is great to be bilingual or multilingual; some people struggle to learn a new language and buy expensive books and videos. is a translation company that offers translation like English to Spanish or German. I just learned that Übersetzungsbüro means “Translation Company” in German. If you have to translate a sentence or even loads of file, they are one of the reliable companies to choose from. There maybe be free translation services online but at times, it would be best that to seek professional help especially if it is a company proposal or something of more professional content. This will ensure that it is translated correctly and in a clear manner and not just put a literal translation of every word.

I just remembered Germany is known for their beer and here is one of my husband’s beer frame collection and he also collected some miniature Filipino beer bottles. I would be eager to know your husband’s/boyfriend’s collection. Men are so different from us, don’t you think?

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Reese Milania said...

yeah I know three languages :-)'s pretty awesome kasi di ako ma benta ng mga pinsan ko sa Mindanao haha.


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