Saturday, March 19, 2011

Matching red outfits

Here are some more pictures of us wearing red dresses. Not exactly the same, she was wearing a Ralph Lauren dress and I was wearing a Liz Claiborne dress with a black belt. When I started blogging, I thought on how can I make it easy with pictures, so I just uploaded pictures that we would have taken anyway even if I was not blogging. This time, I did this for blog purposes because I got one compliment from a reader on how she enjoyed my post with some matching outfits. It's good to know that there are readers who rarely comments but they have just always been there to read your post and look at the pictures.

Thanks for all those who visit our blog. You may have noticed that I monetized my blog. I know I may have jeopardized some of the content but I still have the same posts, I just have more entries now on different topics. I can finally say that I am doing something that I love doing and I am making an extra income out of it. Not much, but it helps and it's easy although it can take time. I know I'm not going to be tired of blogging any time soon. It's fun!

From my employment experiences, I usually get bored and tired doing the same thing over and over and over... and over again. Sometimes, I feel like a robot. Even so, working in a company has been a great part of my life and I am surely attached to my work now. So many times I thought about quitting after I had RC but I just can't make myself do it. Of course, there are also other reasons than just being attached to work. I don't think I would still work if I have a million dollars right now. Sssshhh.. please don't tell these secrets to my boss. =)

Anyway, I know we're cute!.... especially the last picture where we were showing off our chubby cheeks.

Oh, and one last thing, I submitted a guest post at another blog, I would appreciate if you visit the site.  Here is the link -- How Do You Naya? Ces


Dana Lee said...

Aww, this looks so cute! <3

Ladawan said...

hay! kainggit naman ang may baby girl! you both look good in red! hi RC sweetie!

Meream said...

Aww you two look so adorable :)

Ola said...

You both look very elegant!

Cool Baby Clothing said...

You two look so cute !


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