Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bib necklaces

I am always trying to think of ways to be productive now, I remember before I got pregnant with RC, all I think about is having a baby which came a little harder than it normally would. Now, I have her, I am motivated about living and our future as a family.

I posted some pictures of bib necklaces which would be my next project(s). I want to expand more on crafting by also making bib necklaces. Maybe I can also try to sell time like what I did with the hair clips and headbands. But sometimes, I just want to take a shorter route to selling, just buy and sell instead of make and sell. I'm considering SMC membership but there are some people that have an opinion various opinions of specialty merchandise corporation or SMC. However, I don't see how it can be an SMC scam. You can read about SMC complaints online. I would say that selling takes a lot of courage. I admire the people who can stick to the program, those that can run their small business. Especially now that the economy is down, the challenges of having a business is probably tougher.

You can read more about smc corp bbb or speci alty merchandise corporation bbb at smctalk.com. This post is brought to you by their website.

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Ola said...

The second one is simply fab!


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