Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mailman: Work in Style

I was just thinking in the old days, there was no internet access. We would not be blogging right now and we will all be using the postal service to keep in touch with people we know who are far away.

If you know anybody that works in postal service, you can refer them to Postal Uniform Discounters. They have a variety of postal uniforms at discount prices. They have trousers, coveralls, shirts, shorts, rainwear and accessories. Unfortunately, the only person I know that works in the postal area is our mailman and I don’t even see him often.

Postal Uniform Discounters has an easy to understand size chart for men and women. For us who do not work in the postal service, they also offer some products for us. They have aprons, comfortable shoes and miniature postal toys that are so cute. I posted a couple of pictures of the toys below.

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