Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paint my car

How cool are these cars? In my personal opinion, they are very creative and it shows the individuality of the owner. I got these pictures from different sites by searching at Google. However, I wouldn't do it if ever I would have my own, oh well, maybe a little but I won't go overboard with the paint.

Seriously, I hope you are not yet tired of my posts about cars. What are your thoughts about Kia? Honestly, during the older times, Kia seems to be the cheap car but now it is not just proven cheap but also reliable. There are more popular cars out there that have been recalled. I think the different Kia models are manufactured very nicely nowadays. Kia is a car I would consider because they are compact and are practically safe to use. They are not crazy expensive too, at least with cars they are not.

River Oaks Kia is not only a Kia dealer in Chicago but they also offer Kia Oil change, so it is not just a place to buy the cars but also a place for services.This post is brought to you by their website.


mathea said...

i love the first car, barbieee!!!

Alice Law said...

Yeah, it were really eyes opening cool!

Gremliness said...

Here in the UAE, Kia as a choice is affected by these factors: resale value, availability of spare parts, and service contracts -- where Kia is not doing as much well as Toyota and Honda. Hence I think, it's all dependent on your location.

Btw, I like the Pepsi truck :-)


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