Thursday, March 10, 2011

DIY kids toy chest

Guest post written by Kirk Call

It's gotten to the point of where I can't even find a spot of the floor that isn't covered with toys that I can step to in a path through our living room. I guess that it's about time now that we should actually find a good place to store our son's toys. So I decided that I would try and make it a little project of my own to make a toy box or chest to teach him to put away his toys in.

I've never made a toy box or anything like that before. The most that I've ever made before was a little bench, so I used my Clear wire internet to look up how to make the toy chest.

When I was online looking at that I actually found some directions to make a kids DIY toy with some of the left over materials too. I'm almost done with the toy box and am going to let our son paint it how he wants to for the fun of it.

Maybe its time for new toys, too! Kmart has good deals!

I received a small compensation posting this guest post.

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