Monday, March 21, 2011


I haven’t worked in a non-profit company but it would probably be a good feeling if I do. It’s good to belong to something that takes part in providing a good cause. I just found a blog that provides information on how to land to a non-profit job. It is a great resource even for those who are just seeking any type of employment for it has some information about how to handle interviews and how to do follow-ups with companies.

Here's my idea on what to wear for an interview except I think the white top is a little too sheer. Here I think the workers are more casual than in the mainland.

Here is the blog website:

Their main website is, it has job postings that are related to the non-profit industry. This post is brought to you by their website.

You can also find them in Twitter and Facebook.


Audrey Allure said...

Great outfit choices!

Kisma said...

Those heals alone kill me, but love the outfits.

I currently work for a non-profit university and they are making big changes that most of the office is dreading because they are trying to turn into a profit making school. Sad, but the way life goes.

emmanuelmateo said...

wow..ang taray ng shoes ni mother ah..hehe
pls check my new post ate.thanks

Anne said...

When I was still looking for a job, I really make sure the attire I would be wearing if its appropriate or not.
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Alice Phua said...

Thanks for sharing this bit of info.


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