Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Flight scare

Some indoor pictures of us from our trip. We were not really able to go to places we planned but overall, it was a good trip. Vacations are always good although we had a flight scare.

The second plane (from Denver to Missouri) broke, we were told later that the fire alarm went off. We had to go back to Denver and we landed without brakes with airport fire trucks waiting for the plane we were riding. It also took a long time before the plane started landing, I thought we were not even going to Denver anymore. My heart was pounding and my body was shaking after the flight then RC started throwing up and shaking too, she got too sick but it was too late that we have two more planes to ride that day. So from Denver, we had to fly to Memphis then to Springfield, MO, not to mention some waiting in between airports. It was worse than going to the Philippines. It took us too long before we reached our destination and start the vacation. Then we finally arrived and found out that our two luggages were lost. Oh and we had to buy new clothes at two airports and since I am the frugal lady and can't afford to buy nice pants, I ended up wearing pajamas that is too big for me and the last shirts we were wearing were still full of vomit when we came. RC vomited a lot of times before our last flight and there was not enough time to buy and search for new stuff. It was a very unforgettable experience. We also spent one day at the hospital and took RC for check up. She had her first X-ray. I should have taken a picture. She was too cute with a little lab gown on. Good thing, I had my insurance card with me. And I'm very glad that the plane rides are over for now and we're okay. We really have to be thankful for everyday life.

Oh well, I'm still coughing like crazy at  night time. We thought RC was finally well, she was happy yesterday running around before we left her at the day care and then we pick her up and she threw up twice in the car and she was not able to take anything down last night. I'm sorry if this is a little gross. You might not like to read about vomit.  She is taking a nap now. I took the day off today. I might be in trouble again for taking days off but it was usually because RC keeps getting sick lately. I just hope I did not pass a virus to anybody during our vacation.

I'm a mother first before anything else and if this situations will force me to leave my job, I will. Anything for my RC.

Long story, I know.


*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

I am so sorry you had a flight scare! That sounds scary. One time on the way to the Philippines we were on the runaway and the plane had to go back to the gate because one of the air conditioning units fell off the plane. Flying is scary now days!

Chyng said...

omg, it's really scary. i might actually get traumatized if this happened to me. good thing you're safe.

Mrs. Kolca said...

Ohh.. sorry about RC and the flight scare. I hope not to experience such thing on our trip to TR. I pray that my 2 yo will behave and won't throw tantrums whatsoever during the flight.

Ola said...

OMG, sounds really unpleasant! I don't like such "surprizes":(

Pinx said...

Wooaaahhh!!! That's too much for the little girl. But thank God, you're all fine. We just had our vacation and thankfully too, our flights were short and our little boy was just as fine... i hope your little princess is okay now.

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Alice Law said...

Gosh... lost your luggage, how uneventful... guess the turbulence was too strong until RC vomited, glad that she is alright now! How about you, still coughing?! Take care, try to take some honey or gargle with Listerine whnever your throat itchy!

A speedy recovery to you!

Sweet said...

OH MY thank goodness you are all safe...that was such a long and crazy and scary experience...whhahaha!!!!

but don't worry as they always say...everything happens for a reason...


Reese Milania said...

OMG sorry to hear that hun :-(

Proudmommyandwifey said...

Your kiddo is very cute and you look elegant on the photos:). Oh,sorry to hear that flight scare.


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