Saturday, March 5, 2011


Pictures of RC from July of 2010.  She has grown so much from then. I may have mentioned already that I am a mere spectator of sports and not a player. Research says that as early as three years old (maybe earlier), parents can introduce sports to their kids and soccer is one of the best toddler sports. RC likes to kick the ball so I think she can do soccer.

Some adults are so hooked into sports that they even join sports betting which can also be found online. However, according to , “Nevada is the only state that is legally allowed to book sporting events with point spreads and odds”. It’s not surprising to know ‘cause that’s where Las Vegas is. The links above are provided by


Dressing Up For Me said...

That´s good to know that RC´s liking sports. I was never sporty type because I´m lampa. hahaha!

kg said...

my daughter is into arts naman [drawing, painting, cooking]. but i'd rather that she was into sports, as i am. but well, we can't force them naman. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks fot following my blog!!! Your daughter is beauitful, I'm your newbie follower.


amazey said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I am your newest follower! Please follow me back at:

Every Day Products & More said...

Hello newest follower from MBC

Catrina said...

Cute pics! My daughter started playing soccer at 3 too.

Following you back from MBC

emmanuelmateo said... cute..train upo a child manang.

Dhemz said...

such a cutie! I like her outfit...time goes by really fast!

Angie L., Doula said...

Hi there! New Follower here ;D Would love the follow back.

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