Thursday, March 24, 2011

Instantly beautiful hair

How can we get beautiful hair in an instant? The answer would be lace wigs. I thought about buying one when I had my hair cut so short and sometimes I still feel like having a celebrity hair with curls halfway to the bottom like Beyonce. But because of the price I ended up buying hair extensions where I had to put the clips on myself. Putting the clips on was a pain so I just did not wear the extensions.

Even celebrities use wigs and some of them wig lines. Beyonce and Jessica Simpson have their own line of lace front wigs. Nowadays, it is preferred to have real human hair because of the obvious reason that that the synthetic ones look fake. The wigs with real hair are also easier to maintain.

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emmanuelmateo said...

great hair..hehe sana kaw din yan ateh.hehe


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