Friday, March 4, 2011

I should drive

I have been thinking about it, I really need to practice driving because we are planning to move to the mainland someday where there are no buses everywhere like they do here. Well, right now my driver is my husband but RC is getting bigger and she will need a reliable mommy to pick her up, attend school events and run errands in a few years. I’m also looking forward to shopping with her. Hopefully, she will also be thrifty like me.

People have different opinions about buying cars, my husband thinks that buying a new car is better. Why? Because sometimes a used car can also come with certain costs and may not be in optimal condition. It's just like buying a second hand clothing I guess. On the other hand, I also heard some friends say that when you buy a new car, the value depreciates the moment you drive away from the dealer.

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Reese Milania said...

What kind of car do you want? Yeah, learn how to drive, it's liberating lol. Now, I can go shopping whenever I want without bugging the hubby to drive me lol.

sweet said...

go start driving now...I love driving in the Philippines hehehehe call me a dare devil and I couldn't agree with what your husband told you about new cars...

even my dad would say that to me...


Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

You can do it sis....I am really nerbyosa before...driving in the streets of EDSA along with the rowdy trucks, buses and jeep is a hell...

Kayang kaya mo yan sis...mukhang hindi naman ganun katraffic dyan...

Brown Pinay
My Point of View

anne said...

I also need to learn driving although it's not necessary here since there's a lot of Jeepney, but I really want to learn hehehe visiting you back here.

DO you mind to visit me here too?

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