Sunday, January 30, 2011

State signs

These are pictures from years ago. I just wanted to have some pictures with the state signs.  Signs are important. They promote safety, regulate traffic and they can also be means to decorate. They give drivers information on the route they’re traveling. Haven’t we all taken pictures next to a sign that says you’re entering another state?

Address plaques are also a type of sign that provide information—your address. If you have a house, you may want to beautify your front yard with a unique address plaque in a modern or contemporary design. It will also be helpful to identify your home easily. Have you ever been frustrated when you’re trying to see someone’s address when visiting them for the first time? Home address plaques are becoming a great and simple way to add curb appeal to your home.

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Fanny said...

oh you went to all these amazing places? you are so lucky. I don't know when i can visit these but i have to see it one day x

Ladawan said...

kelan kaya ako makakarating dyan? hahahha love those pics Ces!

Ola said...

yes, I agree with you! and after many years they tell you where you were on a particular picture:)

Crystal Chelle said...

I love that idea!!! Taking pictures with all the state signs that you travel to! I almost want to start doing that also! I bet that would be a great scrapbook idea too! :)

I look forward to checking out the rest of your page! Im a new blogger, so Im always looking for advice/feedback! If you have time to check it out, that'd be great!

PS I found you through socialmoms :)


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