Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sesame Street

Contribution by Paula Gonzales

I grew up with the Sesame Street show when I was a child in the early nineties. Now, my first child is beginning to develop and enjoys watching the same show that I loved when I was his age! I love all the characters on the show and each teaches something important from colors to numbers to even ideas about sharing and friendship. Sesame Street is an important show that has helped enrich the lives of so many young kids, myself included. From time to time, celebrities make guest appearances on the show and not to long ago Michelle Obama included herself among them. I thought it was great to see the First Lady on a children's show. As a child it is hard to understand who the famous people are but, as an adult watching the show with my child, I appreciate the effort that celebrities put forth to interact with younger audiences. My son and I love to curl up and watch the latest shows on our DirectTV each afternoon. It is a great bonding experience and I get to reminisce about my childhood as well. I think Adam prefers the Cookie Monster because he always laughs whenever he comes on the screen. I am partial to Big Bird but, I am glad he likes the show and not some obnoxious cartoon!


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