Saturday, January 22, 2011

Medical scrubs collection

I know this is the third time I've written about Medical scrubs. I work for a healthcare company and I may be required to wear scrubs at work this year on some occasions. I currently don’t wear scrubs at work, because I work at the admin area but when I have work with some people in the laboratory, I will have to wear them. Maybe I will also feel like somebody from Grey’s Anatomy. Just kidding. has a variety to offer, and they have a lot of pieces that don't look like the regular scrubs, so I can wear them outside of work just like the floral tops below. They have Cherokee scrubs and Baby Phat scrubs. are cheaper compared with other scrub websites. They have pieces for less than $15.00. I’m the frugal type of lady. They have a hassle free return and exchange policy. As for sizes, they have junior and petite sizes too. I’ve already posted here before how short I am.

 They  have a lot of prints and plains but I just put some pictures of printed tops here. I love colors so I can mix and match my clothes better. I'm struggling to go back to basics and buy more plain pieces. I don't think I'm ready yet for the ongoing mix prints right now. I've tried it a couple times though but it's not working out for me yet.


Ginny said...

So you watch Grey's Anatomy, too? I read that Meredith is leaving the show, guess this is her last season. She had a baby and wants more time at home.

jenie=) said...

that's a nice looking scrub..unique too.

and i love Greys anatomy as well ;) see my dilemma about derek and mark here at the two men in my life

Fanny said...

i am for plain color clothes, printed are not so my style, i like it but not everything works for me x


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