Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs

Each day while I'm at work, I pass by lots of people who wears scrubs. So far, my job does not make me wear uniforms but maybe in the future.

I did wear scrub tops before for about two months when I took some classes at the American Red Cross. Unfortunately, I did not really use what I have learned but that's okay, I don't have much regrets about it. Back to scrubs, they are so comfortable that I used to wear them at home too until they got very faded and worn. I would compare them to wearing pajamas. I know they are made to be comfy, we don't see many nurses wearing shoes with more than three inch heels. Imagine just walking around attending patients with professional business attire. (just my thoughts)

I was looking at this nursing scrubs clothing site named Blue Sky Scrubs they have both simple and custom made. They carry variety of colors and even items for kids too that are cute. But these scrub hats that they have are the products that got my attention. I read that they are one of the pioneers in making scrub hats. I love the patterns, I want to have one of these attractive hats.

All photos are from This post is brought you by their website.

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