Friday, January 7, 2011

Rock My Feet

If only I knew how to wear pointy high heels, I would love to rock these shoes. I just spent my whole lunch break at work looking at While I can only imagine myself walking like a model with these beautiful shoes, I am considering buying from their website.

Have any of you used Zappos before? They offer free shipping both ways even returns and speaking of returns, they have a 365 day return policy. Since my shoe size is 4.5 - 5.0 (yes my feet are that small), they are size friendly with lots of shoes to choose from. I refuse to buy girls’ shoes because I need some height. Most of my shoes have two to three inch heels. Of course, I want women’s designs rather than shoes for kids.

Thanks for all your sweet comments.



jenie=) said...

so there is yet someone smaller than my 5-5 and half feet size =) oooh and i so adore those heels...but i just can't go beyond 3 inches as much as i want to. you're among the gifted ones.

its sssooo nice to be here. finally did my rounds after million years of not doing so. thanks for letting your site known to me.

hoping for your visit and your comments too
life round meNyou

sexyjessie said...

Is it hard for you to buy shoes in the place you are staying now?

I don't go onlinr purchase as we have your shoe sizes over in M'sia.

Ola said...

I like the grey ones, fantastic!

Emzkie said...

i bought a pair of boots from zappos and I love it! perfect fit. i had doubts buying online that i might not like it, and that it might not fit because they might have funny sizes. but it did. my size is 6 and ordered 6.5. THose are beautiful shoes sis! Like all the designs. choose which one that goes with your clothes. =)

Dressing Up For Me said...

I tried an exact copy of tha leopard here in one shoe store here but it slips when I walk because just like you I have small feet. hahaha!


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