Sunday, January 2, 2011

Carpet Cleaning

I know I kept blogging. I'm taking advantage of my three days off. I vacuumed the carpets yesterday so I hope our carpet will be clean for the whole year!

This is the 3rd apartment we are in that has carpet completely covering the flooring everywhere except the bathrooms and kitchen. I would love to have hardwood floor because I think they are easier to clean but I think since I had RC, the carpet floors have been really beneficial especially when she was only learning how to walk she was prone to falling a lot. She would fall as all babies who are learning to walk, but she is a pro in walking now (and running). Every time we move, we need to hire a professional residential carpet cleaner. It is always included in the rental contract that before we leave the place, the carpet should be cleaned professionally. It can cost some money but since moving is already stressful, it actually makes the job easier knowing that somebody else will do the carpet cleaning for you.

If you live in Texas, you can check out the number one carpet cleaning company in Austin and Dallas, The Steam Team of Texas at They do have great reviews of their expertise and skill from their customers. They also do professional hardwood floor cleaning Austin, professional leather cleaning Austin and many more.

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Reese Milania said...

I hate doing that but luckily the hubby doesn't mind doing it for me lol.

Gessyl Enchanted said...

haha hoping that it'd be clean for the entire year? hehe our entire flooring is made of hardwood floor and the waxing and scrubing ain't fun at all. i'd pick vacuuming in a heart beat. hehe

Mom Daughter Style said...

Gessyl- Maybe we want what we don't have. It's actually hard to remove stains from a carpet and we have to shampoo it every once in a great while. But maybe hardwood floor is hard too.


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