Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Three Days of Preschool

I attended RC's preschool for half a day on her first day. It was good, it wasn't as bad as I expected. She cried when I left but I know she was going to be okay. They played outdoors, they sang, they went potty, they had snacks and lunch. I took some pictures of her but I cannot find the connector for my small camera so here are her pictures before she went to the preschool. In most places, I know they call it daycare.

First day outfit

Second day outfit:

Third day after school:

I hear mommies say that schools expect too much from the kids nowadays and it is better for them to attend preschool because they learn the basics they need for kindergarten, then to first grade and so on. Someday she might need math homework help in school, then in college she might need calculus and statistics help. I still remember learning about statistics in my college years. It was kind of challenging and I had to go for group reviews. In case she needs help in the future and since I am not good in math and her daddy is a busy man, she can use some unlimited online tutoring services that are available 24/7. Online tutoring can also be specialized in subjects, geometry for example. There are free demos online for tutoring too before a parent/person decides if they want tutoring. The internet really rocks nowadays. I learned a lot from the internet myself. I wish I took advantage of online help and tutoring when I was still in college (especially calculus help). It would have made my studying years a lot easier. Oh my, I am so far in advance thinking about RC’s education.

For now, I hope RC will have a good time going to her preschool everyday and that she will meet friends and have sweet and nice teachers.


Jing said...

bongga si RC!so fashionista na din.she's so lovely.early shooling is so important these days pamangkin goes to school na rin and she's the youngest in class.
Happy new year,Ms.Ces!

AngelineBK said...

Oh, Wish she nejoy her early skooling! My boy entering her 2nd year Nursery.

Ginny said...

The thing I notice is that each day, she looks happier! What does she say about it? Does she like it yet? It took Ella about two weeks to get used to it, now she loves it. The children really need pre-school to prerpare them for kindergarden, otherwise they are behind the others when they start.

Mrs. Kolca said...

I think I will have to send back my daughter to school too, but after a year or two maybe. You little one looked so jolly on the third day. I guess she got used to it and no more crying. Hooray! :D

Fanny said...

mu daughter didn't cry the first day, I was lucky. But I did x

Alice Law said...

Glad that RC doing well at her preschool, nice outfits! Man~! I'm hopeless if speaking about math and calculation!>_<

DeBi said...

oh my, bukas she's a lady na... :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

She´s so cute with the green pants and the pink shoes! :)

I´m glad that she´s adjusting, some kids have a hard time adjusting on their first days of school.

Katie said...

Beautiful sweet girl. ; )

Mayet said...

looks like daycare is doing her good. my daughter also started hers this year and the first few weeks had been a real challenge but she's ok now and enjoys being with the other kids.

Dhemz said... seems like she's enjoying it...good for her!


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