Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby days

I was browsing at RC's baby pictures and I wanted to share some with you. I think she changed a lot already from when she was a baby.
RC was only a few days old at this picture:

She's already  modeling for me here:

She was sooo tiny before, I miss my little baby.

 She was laying on the boppy pillow, now she is more than double the height of this pillow.

I put my own hair around her head just to see how she will look like. A lot of people mistake her for being a boy when she was a baby.

I bought this Christmas dress just in case I give birth before Christmas in 2008, but she came later.

Although RC's toddler wardrobe are still cute, little babies have very cute clothes.  When I was pregnant, I was having a great time shopping a lot of baby clothes. After she was born, I realize that I bought so much for her, but I was having fun dressing her up. Sometimes I would dress her up three times during the day and I would take lots of pictures of her. I still do now.  It's so true that kids grow up so fast so we have to enjoy them when they are little.


Alice Law said...

Ohhh... she is adorable!!! I love the 2nd pic the most, such a darling!

sexyjessie said...

She's so adorable and I think she's still is. :)

kim said...

what a cute little girl! what a proud mama you are..

DP said...

oooh, she is just so adorable!
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Ginny said...

What precious pictures!! She is just a doll. We never get tired of looking at our kids baby pictures, do we? And even when she is 40 years old, she will still be your baby!

Dhemz said...

uber cute...she does look like a model....:)

Reese Milania said...

OMG those are the cutest pics ever!!!

Fanny said...

OMG, so cute !!! x

Mayet said...

it's true--they grow up so fast. looking at my gals' pic attest to that.

Mona said...

i love all the photos so cute, thanks for visiting me!

Ladawan said...

hi Ces happy new year! cute talaga ni RC.
i'm tagging you for a blog award ha, pls. accept it hehhe, thank you! check this out!

DeBi said...

she's soooo cute!!1


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