Sunday, January 9, 2011

Parking is a luxury

I took these pictures myself one afternoon when we went out to dine at a restaurant downtown. Believe it or not, there are some buildings where parking is much more expensive than this. There was one time I had an appointment and the office I went to is not validating parking tickets. We ended up paying $12.50 for just one and a half hour. Well, it's not all bad here, just downtown and maybe certain other areas.

I don't drive a car, we have only one parking spot in our apartment and street parking will be very hard to find especially late in the afternoon. I used to take the bus going to work but thankfully, now my husband drives me to work and picks me up. But if I ever decide to buy one, I want an Acura. How about you? What is your dream car? Maybe Edward Cullen's Volvo C30 R-Design? I think a Honda Accord Coupe will be a good choice too.

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Mrs. Kolca said...

Here in Manila, parking fee is from P35 to P45, but of course valet parking is always expensive P150 and up.

Mrs. E said...

Lol. I complain about the parking when we go downtown Detroit. But, I guess they are pretty cheap compared to where you live.

Ginny said...

We have a red Mazda right now and really like it. We bought it from our pastor. Gosh, I hope your parking isn't as bad as New York City!

Reese Milania said...

When we went to Chicago before, the parking fee was outrageous. It's better to just fly than to bring your own car.

gingerSnap said...

Same here mahal ang parking. Pinakamura sa Pinas.


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