Sunday, June 19, 2011


Before we had our SUV we had a truck, my husband had it for many years. It was very good for camping. Although we both like it, it was time to change it and it was the right decision with RC coming. Having a vehicle is really a necessity nowadays. It’s one of the greatest inventions.

I see many trucks here in the island; some even have those huge bulky tires. It is probably because a lot of people here enjoy the outdoors and they can do it almost anytime. I think trucks are good especially if you have a business in which you will have to load lots of stuff and the storage is not directly attached to the internal part of the vehicle. That way, you can always keep clean of the inside and let all the bulky stuff to be outside.

For those who have trucks, you can check out for intensive line of truck accessories. I believe some of their products can also be used for regular vehicles. They offer free shipping, easy returns, secure shopping and a pricing guarantee.

This was how our old truck looked like, we had a Ford.
Speaking of outdoors, I would like to share some road pictures I took a few days ago.

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Tracy said...

We had a Dodge Ram pickup before my son was born. I called it the "Big Rig." I loved made my 5' frame feel tough, though I rarely drove it. We had to get rid of it and get a family friendly suv.... I still remember it fondly...


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