Saturday, June 11, 2011

Money tree

Money tree... who does not want to have one?

I’m not an expert when it comes to finances but it is one of my husband’s interests. He talks about stuff that sometimes I don’t fully understand. He talks about corporate and commercial real estate, bankruptcies, m&a deals and financial restructures.

 When I become a stay at home mom, I would try to learn to pay all our bills. Since I am a saver, I will probably monitor our expenses too. I did it when I was single. I like to write things that I buy and check my bank account religiously. Hopefully, I can also start a small business like what I mentioned before, maybe start an Etsy store. I’m sure many of you tried Ebay before but the fees has gotten too high. Money is not everything and certainly not the most important part of our lives but it is important so we can buy necessities and live comfortably.

There are very complex financial transactions, and would require lots of due diligence checklist, but there’s a company and website that will do the work for you. They’re called Merrill Datasite and you can go to their website to determine if there are services they could provide your company or you as an investor.  They also have a Merrill virtual data room and legal translations. Their translation services includes legal, heavy machinery, life sciences, financial, corporate and IT translations.

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