Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cindy Crawford Furniture

We probably all have our dream houses, how would you like your house to be? I would like to rearrange the furniture in our apartment to make it nicer. For sure, I would love to have a great big bed too in our bedroom. The RoomPlace offers exclusive Cindy Crawford furniture. I was browsing through the website and I found so many inspirations on how to arrange the living room and bedrooms. The RoomPlace is located in the state of Illinois but they do accept orders online at reasonable delivery/shipping rates. The children’s furnitures are also cute and stylish.

When you have a child, you want the rooms in your house to not just look nice but also to be functional. I would love to have more storage area for it is always an issue when you are living in an apartment particularly a condo unit. A comfortable reclining chair would be great too.



Connie Green said...

Hi! Stopping over from the I Heart Blogging Hop! Enjoying your blog! You can visit me at http://greenfamily-life.blogspot.com/

Indrani said...

Nice shots of the furniture, very elegant.


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