Thursday, June 16, 2011


I’ve already featured the country of Australia here before and posting some photos. I’ll do it again. I think we’re all familiar with Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. I would really love to see it someday.

There’s a website that would take the hassle out of moving either within Australia or internationally to or from Australia. It’s called Removal Companies are what Americans would call moving companies.. In Australia and some other parts of the world it’s called removals that is being done by removalists (instead of movers).  I just learned that now!

So if you’re currently living in Australia, or planning to move there, you can do research and find whatever help is available to you. is a resource for local or international removals which would make your impending move much easier.

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Lainy said...

Hi Sis. Thanks for the visit and the comment at

I'd love to be in Australia one day. My fiance is Australia and lives in Sydney. It's a beautiful country but he keeps telling me that everything is expensive there though, LOL!

May you enjoy your weekend in grand style!



Jama said...

I love Australia, been to Sydney and Brisbane a few times, usually during the winter months , just to escape from our heat here!

BresBaubles said...

I've always loved images of Australia, I'd love to visit someday! Thanks for the follow and entry giveaway!


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